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The Essential Characteristics of the CLC

Our Spirituality

The spirituality of the CLC is centred in Christ, drawing inspiration and guidance from the Spiritual Exercise of St. Ignatius of Loyola. This is characterised by the following:

  • daily personal prayer based on Scripture passages;
  • discernment through the daily review of one's life;

  • active sacramental life, particularly in partaking of the Holly Eucharist;

  • a special devotion to our Mother Mary; and

  • regular spiritual direction.

Our Community

As parts of the same body that is our Christian Community, the CLC recognises the varying roles that each member plays in building God’s Kingdom. Only with trust and openness to each other’s uniqueness can an authentic and supportive environment be nurtured. This is witnessed through the following:

  • regular meetings for the mutual sharing of the members’ faith and human life;
  • the development of a sense of graced history, where members experience the movement of the Spirit in the shared history of the small group;

  • a forum for an on-going discernment of God’s will for the individual member, the local community, and the larger national and world communities; and

  • solidarity with other individuals and communities living the CLC way of life.

Our Mission

As the CLC discerns and responds to the call of the Heavenly King within the world in which we live, each member brings the gospel of salvation to all people. The CLC strives to focus its efforts in living passionately according to the example of Christ, as evidenced by the following:

  • a simple lifestyle;

  • a preferential option for the poor;

  • a desire to bring God’s love in the different aspects of one’s life, particularly in those places where this is lacking;

  • an initiative to bring the spirit of community in the different areas of one’s life; and

  • an openness and flexibility towards life that enables us to respond to the needs of the world.


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